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Work with Me

Thanks for your interest in working with me! I serve families at my office condo in Sauk Rapids, MN. I am transitioning back to part-time bodywork after the birth of my 2nd child, so I appreciate your patience with my limited availability and delayed correspondence. Please feel free to text or call me at 320-310-2627 for more time-sensitive appointments such as craniosacral therapy for your infant pre/post frenectomy or for breech and transverse balancing appointments. Otherwise, please use my online scheduler below to find a session time.

Spinning Babies® Parent Classes are scheduled about once a month. If you are interested in attending an afternoon class as part of your birth preparation, please email me ( to pick a date.

I will also be taking a hiatus from on-call doula support indefinitely... if you are a repeat client, please reach out and we can discuss availability!
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